1. Send us your broadband request


Read our terms and conditions and note that in particular that we only accept payment by Direct Debit.


2. Signal checks

We’ll check to see if it’s likely that you can receive our service. As radio signals don’t travel through trees and buildings very well it’s all subject to survey at this point but we can get a lot of information from Google and the terrain mapping software that we use. If we think it’s a do-able then we’ll email you a link to a Direct Debit mandate for you to complete. You must have an email address that you can access even if your premises has no Internet :-  use a neighbour’s PC or a work computer in that case but signup has to be done over the Internet. You can always come into our offices at Needham Market and use our computer to signup if that’s easier!

3. Installation

Only when you have the completed Direct Debit form will we progress to installation. We don’t charge for initial visits and only if we actually complete an installation do we charge  a small installation fee.  If we find on the first visit that it isn’t possible to provide the service then there is no charge and in some cases we may come back to try a different approach get you a reliable service.

4. Connect and go!

A completed installation will leave you with our radio mounted on the outside of your premises, connected via a cable to our router which has 4 free ethernet ports and is also a WiFi Access Point.  You either plug in your computer into router using a cable or use the WiFi on your Computer for the  connection, either way your computer will need to be set up to acquire an IP address using DHCP.

That’s it, we’ll collect payment by Direct Debit and there’s a 12 month minimum contract term and a 30 day notice period.