Fair Usage

Fair usage: What’s the problem?

The Internet is a large network of interconnecting computers managed by different organisations so we cannot guarantee the speed (transfer rate, packet loss or latency) of the Internet.  That said, we want all of our customers to enjoy their broadband experience free from all unreasonable limits such as download allowances and associated charges for data usage, so for our (buXnet) bit of the Internet  we have a Fair Usage policy to ensure that our customers are able to use a the service in a manner appropriate to their needs

How does it work?

There are always a few heavy users on any network. Our Fair Usage policy identifies these users and we email customers to find out what’s the cause.  Sometimes their usage pattern needs to be modified or we may suggest a more appropriate product for the customers’ needs.  It’s important to realise that ALL broadband networks and in fact the Internet as a whole is shared and that improper use can cause problems for other users, i.e. poor service or simply higher charges for the service overall.

Who’s likely to be affected by the Fair Usage policy?

If you do a lot of Peer to Peer sharing or lengthy video streaming it’s likely that you’ll be contacted by us to discuss modifying your usage.

What happens if I can’t comply with the fair usage policy?

If after contacting a customer they find it’s impossible to modify their usage pattern to comply with our policy then we will charge a fee of £5 per 5GB of data used above the fair usage limit.  This will also happen if the user ignores our communications regarding their usage.  We don’t expect this to happen very frequently!